[Insert Intro Title Here] …

Hey there beauts!

Just a quick intro to my blog and to myself.

Of course you’ve seen my name [Farielle] and that this page doesn’t have a specific topic it goes off because I am the most randomist person ever … well not ever but I am random.

So here are some random facts about me.

  • I am 22 years old. Born on the 1st July making me a Cancer ♋️
  • I was born in London but I’m from Manchester, but I live in Bolton (I didn’t move too far off). Moved to Bolton for uni but found a flat here so I don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon
  • I am half Congolese 🇨🇩 and half Tanzanian 🇹🇿
  • I looovve vintage fashion! Absolutely love going to vintage shops and making things my own.
  • I am currently in my last year of uni [if it doesn’t kill me before I finish]

My aim of any blog I write is to express myself. Not only that but I hope that my blog helps other people and shows the world the side of me I keep to myself and the ones closest to me [like the super close ones].

I look forward to writing and for you guys to get to know me through my posts.

And That Was All She Wrote …

F A R I E L L E . N