Day 4: Gratitude

Happy Sunday you guys!!

‘Tis season of giving and sharing … wisdom. So here is some wisdom. You’re welcome.

Sometimes we can go through life like our life is crap and nothing is going right, when it’s only one thing that’s messed up our day.

But sometimes we should look to the small things that can make us feel grateful that it was only one thing that didn’t kill us or put us in a hospital bed.

I know I complain about my life when bad things are happening sometimes, we all do, however when I notice that I’m complaining and being irrational with my negative emotions, I sit back and think about all the I should be grateful for.

Counting my blessing, if you will.

So when you feel down and out about something that you think is ‘ruining your life’ think about the things you do have that are going right.

1. You’re not homeless.

2. You have food in your fridge/freezer.

3. You have someone/people to talk to.

But most importantly, you have life.

There are so many people who didn’t wake up today or they did and they didn’t get to see the end of the day.

But you woke up today! Yay you!! Celebrate your life, not by complaining about one or two things but by living life to the fullest.

Your blessing list can be endless!

Thats my Sunday of Wisdom over.

Have a great Sunday!

That’s all she wrote kids

F A R I E L L E. N