Solo Travels: Just Landed!

Hey there peeps!!

By the name of my title I’m sure you know what I’m going to be writing about.

I’m on holiday! I decided I had enough of the same scenery let me go elsewhere, and what better place to go but the country voted one of the happiest countries in the world!

Yup, I’m in Denmark! Copenhagen to be exact and so far I love it. As I came out of the train station in Copenhagen Central all I saw were bikes! A tonne of bikes and it was an amazing sight to see!!

If anyone knows me they know that there are few things that really spark joy in my life, bikes and pianos are in my top 5, not in that order.

I was feeling a little nervous from this morning because it was the first I was flying solo but now I’m here I feel fine. I just love seeing all these bikes!

I wanted to have the full tourist experience so much that I even bought 2 disposable cameras! Can’t wait to take pictures and print it out. Ok I only bought them to make me feel like I had a camera because I currently don’t have one lol (sometimes you have to improvise).

Currently writing this in Vapiano eating my dinner and I’ll be calling it an early night once I get in. I’ll give you more of an update when I explore a bit more tomorrow!

I’m so excited!! It’s gunna be great.

This is literally all she wrote …

F A R I E L L E N.