Newly Saved

So you’ve just accepted Christ as your Lord and saviour. Congratulations! … Now what? 🤷🏾‍♀️

When I first got saved I remember being excited. It was new, different from when I used to just go to church with my parents and I couldn’t wait to see where God was going to take me.

As time went on, one thing I realised was that going to church was all well and good, but I wanted to sustain my relationship with God outside of Sunday service, but I had no idea of where to start!

I know a lot of new believers feel this way, as I was one myself, we have no idea where to go, or how to navigate this Christian thing.

Luckily for you, you’ve found this post, which will be giving you tips on what kept me going when I was newly saved.

Also luckily for you, I asked for some help from a few of my friends, who I actually started my Christian walk with, and they have given their tips on what helped them maintain their relationship with God in and outside of church.

I’ve also added the link to all the people and books mentioned, that way it’s easier for you to find them.

So let’s get it


Within the church, one of the things that helped me, was speaking to my pastor and his wife about my struggles. Another thing was attending services that allowed me to speak my mind and gain more understanding about God. The friendships that I had formed within church really encouraged me and continue to do so now.

In my own time, books that spoke into my situation at the time also helped me.

A book I would recommend is

Dusty Crowns by Heather Lindsey

You can also find Itunu on YouTube under Itunu Mak. She shares her testimony through various videos and encourages people, through using her journey. I’d encourage you to check it out, it’s a great watch!


One of the things that helped me maintain my relationship was meditating more with God, not concentrating on the big words, in terms of prayer, but just a simple conversation.

Being open to being vulnerable and having an open and understanding relationship of with my pastor. Also, reading my bible constantly like it was all I needed.

The Youtubers that really helped me were Breeny Lee and Amina, their devotion to celibacy at the time inspired me to keep myself.


Having loads of questions and debates about the bible. It seems random but for me I always had so many questions about God, the bible, Christianity and no answers. So becoming saved in the church that I’m now in, and being in an environment where I was encouraged to ask questions, allowed me to get some answers. The debates pushed me to want to read my bible more. It started off with me wanting to be right, but the more I read and debated, the more I learnt about God

Listening to my convictions. When you become a Christian, it’s great. Over time you start hearing a small voice in your head that tells you what you’re doing is probably not right to do – that’s conviction. For me, that voice in my head told me to cut off many things.

Drinking didn’t feel the same, sex didn’t feel the same, clubbing didn’t feel the same, I even ended a relationship because I knew what I was doing in it wasn’t agreeing with the little voice in my head. Over time I cut off everything that went against Gods word and went against that voice in my head.

For YouTube I’d say Heather Lindsay!!! She’s across platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. She’s so straight to the point and doesn’t mince her words. And speaks direct from the bible.


For me it was coming to church every week because I was getting convicted by the sermons and that helped me to change. Another thing that helped me stay connected to God was getting more involved with church which gave me more responsibility.

I would say I didn’t really read books or watched YouTube outside of church but I just tried to avoid what I was doing before, like going out clubbing.

Me (Farielle)

As for myself, I found that I wanted to learn how to pray alone. Developing my own prayer life is one of the things that brought me closer to God and continued to maintain that relationship with God. Building a relationship with my pastor and being open with him, even when I really didn’t want to be open with him. It always ended up being beneficial and worth it in the end.

One other thing, was the bible app. They have so many different plans for different seasons and they really helped me, including plans on purity, hope and a healthy relationship with God.

I wasn’t really a big reader when I first got saved so youtube did help and my two main go to’s were Heather Lindsey and Girl Defined!

As Yolanda has mentioned, Heather Lindsey was very straight to the point and her videos did allow me to feel a lot of conviction towards certain areas in my life! She also now has a podcast with her husband Cornelius Lindsey, which can be found on all platforms under Life with The Lindsey’s.

I watched Girl Defined on YouTube, but you can also find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Their videos inspired me as they really promoted a healthy, single Christian girl lifestyle, which is what I needed, and continue to need.

They even write books! Currently reading their book, which I would like to recommend is

Sex, Purity and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart.

One thing that was mentioned by everyone, in terms of maintaining your relationship with God, was socialising with other Christians.

“Being around other Christians that were on the same journey has me helped me to keep fighting for my relationship with God. When I wanted to give up I had people around me encouraging me to keep fighting, which really helped me, and it’s still helping me until today” – Yolanda

“Having people to share the journey with made it easier because we were all growing together and because most of us are in the same boat” – Primrose

And this is one thing that a lot of people miss out on. People read their bibles, pray to God and go to church but don’t have Christian friends to encourage them. Unknowingly, your friendships, especially when newly saved, can make or break your relationship with God.

So I encourage you, to find friends that are on the same journey, friends that are actually trying to live their life for God, just like you! Most likely these friends are the people already going to your church.

Not saying that having friends who aren’t saved is bad, because you can always encourage them with your faith, but it’s good to have a good balance within the friendships that you keep.

Christian friends can nourish and encourage you, whereas worldly influence can be a hindrance to your Christian journey.

As I finish this post, I hope that you are encouraged by the things that kept us going when we were newly saved. As you can see they were all unique to the individual, except for socialising with other Christians as that is universal. Therefore, I hope you can take these tips and apply them to your life, finding the right one for you!

Also before I go I wanted to just thank Naomi, Itunu, Yolanda and Primrose for giving their time to help write this post for you guys!

Stay blessed, stay safe

That’s all she wrote …

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