Jesus SAVES!

New week, new blog! I hope everyone’s week has been blessed and filled with amazingness.

Also, Happy Easter Sunday everyone ✞ !

This week I thought I’d do a post that’s a bit more personal than the previous ones, so today I am sharing the first bit of my testimony, the beginning of my journey with God.

And what better way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour by reminiscing on how I became saved.

So. Let’s. Go!

Ok, I’ve been brought up in a Christian household. I got baptised at 2 years old, I went to a catholic primary school, high school and college and we went to church. But my family church hopped. A LOT.

I can’t even tell you the amount of churches that we went to but I’ll tell you that there was one church during my childhood that has always stuck with me and will always be the church where God first revealed to himself to me.

When I was about 6 years old my dad found a church, Gilbert Deya Ministries. I should declare that our pastor for that church was Pastor Mensah, and he was great. I knew he was great because his relationship with my mum was great. So much so she called him dad, and he always said that he was my grandad and I his grandchild. Sweet right?

Anyway, pastor Mensah broke away from that church and created his own church, due to a scandal within the ministries, but I really didn’t have a church I grew up in because we didn’t even stay in his church long either.

At this time I was 13 going onto 14, I just enjoyed being in big church and listening to what the adults were talking about and I never realised how funny Pastor Mensah was and I started to realise “huh so this Jesus thing is like a real thing? It’s not just stories in Religious Education then”.

But like I said we didn’t last long in that church.

Also during this time I was struggling with a lot of fear such as rejection, fear of not being loved, being alone … basically any kind of relationship issues a teenage girl would struggle with.

This actually got me looking for love in guys that really didn’t really care about or loved me.

I went through high school and college still dealing with this fear to the point where it caused me to go into a depression because of what people have said about me. It altered how I thought about myself and men.

I started uni in 2014, doing a foundation in Psychology, and I hopped from one relationship into another because I wasn’t satisfied with the lack of attention and I didn’t want to be alone when I broke up with my last boyfriend.

The boyfriend that I had in uni was my first in everything and we were together for about a year and a half.

In 2015, I moved out of my parents house to live with my university friends and I just became depressed mostly because it was a new environment and I was technically by myself now, I also wasn’t sleeping, I was terrible with money, I was just in a bad place. Even with a boyfriend I just felt empty like something was missing.

Because I had made friends through societies, Glee and ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society), I expanded my friendship circle and thank God I did because these people are the same people that lead me to church.

You see, it’s so weird. Throughout the summer of 2015 and when I moved away from home, whenever I saw a church I felt a pull on my heart. The thought of “I want to be in there, but just not this one”, honestly it sounds mad but that’s honestly what I felt every time.

Not only was there that but I also had my mum constantly calling me and telling me how I needed to find a church. So from all corners God was trying to pull me towards him.

On a Wednesday in February, I got home after a long day at uni and as I started to take my coat off I got a phone call. It was my friend Itunu, who I met in ACS and also one of the girls who helped in the blog ‘Newly Saved‘.

Our conversation literally went like:

I: hey, what are you doing

F: nothing why?

I: we’re going to bible studies, I’m coming to pick you up.

F: … what?

I: we’re going to bible studies, I’m coming to pick you up.

F: right ok

I put my jacket back on, went to bible studies and gave my life to God that day.

I remember sitting down in my pastors house thinking about how much he reminded me of Pastor Mensah and I remember having the words ‘this is it’ in my mind.

It’s actually crazy how God calls us home, how God puts things in place for us to meet him.

I didn’t even want to go to Bolton uni, I wanted to go to Bradford university instead, but God had other plans and look at where it’s taken me.

It hasn’t always been a straight road, but I can never say that I regret allowing God into my life, never regret declaring Jesus as my Lord and Saviour because no matter how hard, or how much life gets hard, God will always prevail.

So that’s how I got saved and how my journey with God started. Just 19 year old me thinking that my life was what it was and the depression I felt was something I had to learn how to deal with, not knowing that with God depression is not an issue, and that Jesus really does SAVE!

I hope enjoyed reading my testimony. I’ll be posting more of my testimonies eventually. Have a good Easter Sunday!

Stay safe, stay blessed 💕

That’s all she wrote …

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