Music into My Ears: The List


Welcome back.

Right so, like I said I would, this post is about artists I listen to. I’ve put a small description about them, my favourite song and a recommended album to get you started.

This is not necessarily my Top 10 because my favourites change pretty much every week, if not everyday.

So let’s get right to it.

Here is a list of 10 Christian and gospel artists that I love. In no particular order of course:

1. Hollyn

Hollyn is a Contemporary Christian (R&B, pop) singer who I love! One of my favourite female artists.

I’ve been listening to Hollyn since the beginning of my Christian walk. I love how she writes her songs, how open they are about her struggles and triumphs.

Favourite song; I have many but Isaac is the one Ive playing first at the moment.

Recommended album; Hollyn (EP) but I also recommend One Way Conversations

One thing I love about her EP’s/Album there’s a mixture of songs, in terms of genre.


2. Gawvi

Gawvi is a Christian electro-pop artist. He raps as well as sings, and his new album is FIRE! Every single song on that album for me is just so 👌🏾. I would definitely recommend Gawvi.

I’ve only just started listening in January. My friend played his song Fight for Me (ft Lecrae) from his PANORAMA album and since then I’ve been listening to him. I know it says he’s an electro-pop artist but this album is a mixture of trap, 90’s pop, rap

Favourite song; Girl. That has to be my favourite song at the moment.

Recommended album; Heathen. Which is his new album, where you can also find Girl (Track 7). Listen to us honestly.

I love Gawvi’s rhyming ability, and how he can take the bible and create a lyrical metaphor. Like he says in … “this is my version of psalms”.

3. Wande

Wande is a Christian rapper, not only that but her instagram and TikTok always entertain me.

Accidentally found Wande when looking at Gawvi’s page on Apple Music. One of the best musical finds I’ve made to be honest.

Favourite Song; WAKANDE. Bro, the beat is just too much! And I love the fact that she incorporates her Nigerian heritage by speaking her native language, Yoruba, at the beginning of the song.

Recommended Album; As I’ve only just found Wande a few months ago and I haven’t really gone through her previous albums, I’m going to recommend her newest album EXIT.

Wande = lyrical genius. I really love when rappers are just lyrical. Another thing I love is the fact that she doesn’t shy away from her African heritage, incorporating Yoruba into her songs, telling a brief background story as to when she moved to America from Nigeria. As an African myself it does make me happy, as growing up it wasn’t really seen much.

4. Limoblaze

Limoblaze is an Afrobeats artist from Nigeria.

Another accidental find when I was doing some house cleaning last month. His songs got me dancing whilst mopping, got me in the best mood that day!

Favourite Song; Your Love (ft DJ Horphuray). “I know I don’t deserve it, your love is so overwhelming”. Love the beat to this song.

Recommended Album; Afrobeats, Rap and Jesus. I haven’t managed to listen to previous albums/EP’s yet but I really do like this one.

5. V. Rose

V. Rose is a Christian and Gospel pop artist, although she does dabble in trap.

I found V. Rose when looking for more female artists because at that time I only had male artists and Hollyn, I was just missing more female vocals in my playlist.

Favourite Song; Take a Broken Heart (ft Derek Minor). The first song in her Young Dangerous Heart album, it caught me off guard and it’s always the first song I play when I want to listen to her music.

Recommended Album; Forth. This is her newest album, released 2019, and boyyyy! I love it. Maybe because it’s the newest but the songs, the lyrics, the rapping (oh yeah, she raps too), it’s just really good. I don’t really remember her rapping in her previous albums, might have to take another listen, but I was shook and I loved it.

Some of V. Rose’s songs can be girly at times but I love it because it can speak to areas in my life that are just ‘girl problems’ (love, heartbreak and all that jazz) but she also speaks the truth in all of her songs.

Second Fav Song; I Surrender. I had to add a second song. This song is from her Forth album (Track 2) and I love how she incorporates a song most of us will know which made me feel like I immediately knew the song.

6. nobigdyl.

nobigdyl. is a Christian rapper, who’s style is described as ‘mellow’, but regardless, still bangs.

I first found nobigdyl. when I was making a playlist for my friends barbershop opening a few years ago (shout out to PH Barbers; if you’re ever in Bolton and need a trim, check them out). I knew the playlist I currently had wouldn’t fit the aesthetic they were going. Found nobigdyl. and the whole Tribe on The Move gang.

Favourite Song: Morning. Such a raw song. This song is about how he was before he got saved and how God came into his life and I love how honest and raw it is. “I said Jesus where you is, you ain’t come back by this times … so I did all that I could”. I mean isn’t this how we were all thinking before we became saved?!

Recommended Album: this was hard for me to choose because I have two but I think I’ll stick to Canopy as my recommended choice, although SOLAR is also good.

nobigdyl. is another lyrical genius. I’m sorry, I might say this about a lot of them, but guy fully said “Looking at the pictures at the cornerstone, backed into the corner by the Cornerstone”. If I was to pick my favourite lyric from nobigdyl. it’ll be that one. Gets me every time.

7. Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn Hawthorne is a singer who’s voice is so soulful and smooth, yet powerful. She’s also a minister’s daughter.

When on the look for more female artists I found Koryn’s Won’t He Do It (Remix) and she continues to remain one of my favourite artists in the Christian and Gospel industry.

Favourite Song; You Still Love Me. Another song that’s very truthful and open about the struggles we can go through but God still loves me.

Recommended Album; Unstoppable. This is currently her only album to date, which has songs from her self-titled EP included in it. This album has a range of genre, including rock, which is what I love about it. I love the variety, it’s as if there’s a song for everyone.

Koryn’s voice is what made me fall in love with her music, as well as how her sings made me feel. Want to just have fun or be in worship and I love that.

8. Jor’dan Armstrong

Jor’dan Armstrong is an R&B gospel singer and his songs all bang!

Jor’dan was one of the first artists I found when I started looking for Christian and gospel songs that appealed to me and I remember just downloading his whole album.

Favourite Song; Light Up (Litty). Such a vibe this song, I swear! Gets me dancing every time.

Recommended Album; Vibes. Just like the title, this album is just a vibe, keeps me in high spirits every time I listen to it.

*Fun Fact; it’s the first album I play when I’m about to start cooking :).

9. Riley Clemmons

Riley Clemmons’ music is mostly in pop and R&B genre.

Riley is a recent-ish find when I was listening to a Christian playlist on Apple Music and I heard her song Broken Prayer. Due to the season I was in when listening to this song, it really spoke to me and continues to do so now.

Favourite Song; Fighting for Me. A new favourite of hers, a reminder that God’s fight for me never ends, it’s continuous. A great song to listen to during hard times.

Recommended Album: Riley Clemmons. I haven’t really listened to her whole album yet, it’s on my list of artists to listen to, but I’m sure it’s a good’un.

10. CalledOut Music

CalledOut Music is a Nigerian born musician from the U.K. who dabbles mostly in Afro-gospel and acoustic sounds.

I actually don’t remember how I found CalledOut Music it must have been a really random find if I don’t remember.

Favourite Song: I Am Free. This song is a song that just makes me bop, don’t think I can ever sit still and listen to this song. I have to be up or moving in my seat.

Recommended Album: when I was looking at his profile on Apple Music I realised he has just released a new album, Portraits, which is exciting. I’m looking forward to listening to it!

So there you have it, my Top 10 list of Christian and Gospel artists.

I hope you can find songs that you like in these artists and also I hope they can lead you to find more, the same way they have led me to others.

Stay safe, stay blessed

That’s all she wrote …

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