Day 6: Rejoice

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals🎄!!

This interview happened like a month ago but it’s Christmas, might as well give you a present.


You know when you see someone on social media and you imagine how they’ll be in real life? Rejoice met my expectation.

Rejoice is a 24 year old singer from Manchester. She was born in Zimbabwe, came here at the age of 9. She studied Psychology as her undergrad and Forensic Psychology for her masters. And she has one of the most beautiful souls that I’ve ever met.

I wanted to interview Rejoice because of three reasons:

  1. She has an amazing name. Rejoice. To feel or show great joy or delight. Which I feel she does do. Immediately upon meeting Rejoice she was smiling like nobody’s business.

2. Her voice is amazing. Like … have you still not heard her song Repair and Try Again? Go listen and download now, you sillies.

3. And lastly … I wanted to see if I my expectations of her were right. They were.

So that’s why I wanted to do the interview.

Now, here’s the interview. **oh btw I is me and R is Rejoice.

I: Growing up, who would you have said is your musical influence?

R: When I was young I grew up listening to Brenda Fasi, a South African artist. But I’d say that my biggest musical influence now, someone I’ve listened to the longest, is Tory Kelly.

I: You sang one of her songs at your gig.

R: Yes! I sang Day Dream. Not only do I appreciate her as a singer/songwriter, but also as a person too. It’s a big thing for me when listening to music.

I tend to fall in love with all of what they are.

I: Before the gig where else have you performed?

R: I’ve performed in and out of Manchester. Different kind of events. ACS Events, but I never put anything out although I got to network … I do love being on stage because I get to share, not just the song but the vibe.

I: Leading up to the event, were you nervous?

R: I had fear and anxiety throughout the whole process. I sat on my bed with my phone in my hand, breathing [deeply] thinking “there’s no going back now”. I was terrified.

I: Now that the gig is done, how do you feel?

R: I feel better. Great about it … Can’t stop thinking about it, I’m so proud of myself.

I: What made you finally share your music with everyone?

R: I felt like I was sitting on something that was special to me and I should be sharing it.

We’re our biggest hindrance because you have so much self doubt, but you have something you should be sharing that’s not just for you. But you’re holding back.

I thought “if I get to 30 [years old] and I haven’t given it everything I can, it would be my biggest regret.

I: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

R: Tori Kelly without a doubt in my body!

I: How do you feel about people enjoying your music?

R: It feels great and amazing. Especially from people I don’t know … It makes the difficult part of doing this so worth it!

. . .

So there you have it folks. A quick snippet into Rejoice’s interview.

You might be thinking “but Farielle, this isn’t a resolution.”

Well babe, it is a resolution, just one too personal I’m gunna keep it to myself.

My interview with Rejoice really triggered a few things in me, inspirationally. How? That’s what I’m going to keep to myself.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

F A R I E L L E. N

Rejoice – Little Box; My First Gig

Since I was in high school I always wanted to go to an intimate gig that wasn’t an open mic night. I can now finally say that I’ve ticked it off my bucket list!

Last night, 3.11.18 for those reading later, I went to an intimate gig of this wonderful 23 year old singer named Rejoice. I have been following Rejoice on social media since 2016 when I saw her at a gospel open mic night in Manchester, One Voice, as she did a spoken word first I was thinking “boy I love how she just makes it connect” and then she opened her mouth and I said to my friend “her voice is amazing!” And from that day I followed her on all of her social media platforms.

Going to the gig was completely last minute as I didn’t have anyone to go with so I wrote my email to book my ticket but left it as a draft until the Friday night when I finally sent it. Ticket for one Farielle Ngamakala please.

As it was my first gig I wasn’t expecting much or less, I was just going with fresh eyes and no expectations whatsoever. So this is my experience in one post.

When I got there it hadn’t started yet, but Rejoice’s first opening act was a lady called Mali Hayes. Her voice was soft, mellow and beautiful. Of course I immediately followed her on Instagram because… well why not.

Her next act was a man named Nego True, he was doing spoken words and each of his pieces were masterpieces. The type of spoken words that make you click your fingers and nod your head often and respond with a lot of hmm’s.

The intervals between each performer were entertaining as the DJ for the night, DJ Sskes, played a variation of music. From Bashment to Afrobeats to mainstream music, it was all lively and everyone had a great time dancing to the songs, including myself who was all on my lonesome.

And then the main act graced us with her presence. Looking lovely in yellow.

As soon as she started to sing, I began to become emotional. I honestly don’t know why but I was overwhelmed during the whole night. I honestly don’t know how to describe Rejoice’s voice. It honestly is something, and I can’t compare it to someone else because there is honestly no one to compare her to.

She sang various songs, some she had written and some were covers, and they just spoke to your soul. And her band Ace Notes were on point! I loved it! Her voice plus the band just made my first gig experience so much better.

There was one song in particular that moved me to tears. Enough. The words sang by Rejoice were so moving and I think due to me being overwhelmed already plus the things I am battling with I couldn’t stop myself from being emotional. Basically the song was based around her faith. If I was to describe the song for you it would be, a song about worrying whether you are enough for God. The song sounded like it came from the heart and the fact that she was sharing her struggle with us actually made me think.

I find it hard to be vulnerable, who doesn’t. It’s so hard for me to be vulnerable that I have not been able to even be vulnerable to myself. But that’s for another time. I want to talk about how much fun I had last night!

After a good few songs Rejoice had a 15 minutes break and on came another great singer named, Akin. He also sang some original songs and a cover of Tamia – So Into You which was enjoyable, with everyone joining in to sing with him. And his vocals … boy. One of the songs, which the title I don’t remember, had a line that stuck with me I had to write it down.

It’s one thing to dream but another thing to get there – Akin

When Rejoice came back she serenaded us some more with her voice but unfortunately due to the time, the fact that my buses stop at a certain time and the fact that I had work the next morning, I left at 23:40. Although I’m sure the show continued to be amazing, as it was in the beginning.

Even though I don’t know Rejoice personally, I am very proud of her and what she’s achieved so far. I hope that she’ll continue to reach new heights with her God given talent.

And that’s all she wrote …

You can find Rejoice’s newest single, Repair and Try Again on Apple Music and Spotify. And make sure you follow all the artists and the band, their Instagram accounts are linked on their names.

There’s no harm in having new artists on your song list.

I’ll be posting my videos on my Instagram tonight so keep posted.

*Update: Rejoice has agreed to do an interview!! So excited I’ll keep you all posted on that soon as everything has been set up.

F A R I E L L E .N